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Welcome to eTrace Version 2.1

eTrace is Australia’s premier people search system. eTrace provides fast, accurate results for searches of Australian Residents and has been designed specifically for the investigative, finance and tracing industries. The eTrace Database contains both current and historical records going back over 15 years.

New eTrace features

Couples Search

New Features in Version 2.1

Court Records - New!

  • Access financial status and history of individuals.
  • Score ledgers with greater confidence and improve target lists.

Details on houses for sale and rent - New!

  • Identify movement within an address to locate selling/rental agent.
  • Achieve greater results for skip tracing debtors.

Geo Risk - Address based Credit Score - New!

  • Understand the risk profile of customer databases.
  • Create customer management strategies.

Existing Features

  • Over 180 million records
  • Access historical data
  • Updated regularly
  • Advanced search features
  • Cross-match searches to find the information you need
  • Super Casual or Casual Pay per Search or choose one of our Corporate Business Plans
  • Over 6 million Year-of-Birth records
  • Approximate Year-of-Birth ranges for over 13 million records

All of these New and Existing features are automatically available to all eTrace Corporate Account customers.