eTrace Business Plans

eTrace Business Plans are designed to provide comprehensive, transparent pricing while offering the flexibility businesses require for managing changing business needs.

Each Business Plan comes with a defined number of users and searches included in the monthly subscription charge. To choose the plan that's right for your business, simply consider the number of users you will likely need and/or the number of searches you will undertake a month. If at any time you need to increase your user or search limit, you can add users - which also increases your search entitlement - for an additional monthly charge. Users can be easily managed, added or deleted via the administrative function on the eTrace website..

To vary your Plan type, or for more information on our Plans - including for Plans over 20 users - contact us on 1300 748 215 or click here.

Please note: if you are an existing eTrace Corporate Customer, new plans and pricing will apply to your account from 1 April 2013. For more information about the changes, see our FAQ.

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